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A craftsman of individually created fine furniture, Blaine Taylor works with interior designers, contractors, and homeowners on a diverse range of residential and commercial projects.


Prior to establishing his Santa Barbara design studio, Blaine Taylor studied furniture making in France at the acclaimed trade school, Lycee Abbé Boisard, in Lyon. His extensive training includes a degree in Ebenisterie earned after completing the program in Antique Restoration.


Following this training he worked under the renowned Ebeniste, Jean-Michel Cathiard, deepening his knowledge of French polish, marquetry, and other age-old techniques while restoring fine pieces from the 17th and 18th century. During this time, he also did workshops in woodturning and carving,


Blaine relocated to the South of France after his schooling to fully immerse himself in the art and culture of France.  During this period, he refined his craft in a shop of his own. In 1999, Blaine returned to the United States and established his custom furniture design studio in Santa Barbara where he continues to work today.


Blaine Taylor can be reached at 805.680.2764 or .






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Tel: 805-680-2764

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